Awards to Leadership for the World Academy

The World Academy has received numerous honors and acknowledgments for the work of the World Academy. The recipient of these awards was the Founder/CEO, Jerrie Ueberle. However, it is the work of the Facilitators, Mentors and Members of the World Academy that brought attention to this extraordinary program and inspired the work to be recognized. It is the collective work of these devoted people that earned this recognition. Thanks to each!

2022 Conference on Global Transformation – Keynote Address
Jerrie Ueberle – Living a Fulfilled Life: If it Were Possible, What Would You Do?

2021 Global Interactions was granted Special Consultancy to ECOSOC, Economic and Social
Departments by the United Nations

2021 Lifetime Leadership Award from the International Professional Women’s Society

2019 Outstanding Contribution Award from Sias International University

2018 Support for Educating Girls of Rural China from EGRC

2017 Ladies Leading Legacy from Extravaganza Sisterhood – Phoenix, Arizona

2015 Entrepreneur Award for Spirit and Global Engagement – We Win, Los Angeles, California

2015 Outstanding Leadership Award – Women’s Global Summit – Salt Lake City, Utah