WAFW at a Glance

The World Academy for the Future of Women is a bold and daring leadership program focused on developing young women for leadership roles that  will address and achieve the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals  (UN-MDGs) and UN Sustainable Development Goals. Beginning on the campus of Sias International University in 2009, WAFW grew from a one-year program for 100 women to a multi-level three-year program for women, and a Men’s Academy for the Future of Women, a program requested by men students, which replicates the women’s program and prepares men to support the advancement of women.


To advance and accelerate the leadership of women worldwide.


To empower women through the discovery of their passion, purpose, and path to success, calling forth the full expression of human possibilities through collaborative and inclusive partnerships.


  • First Year World Academy for the Future of Women (Year 1 women)
  • Advanced World Academy for the Future of Women (Year 2 women)
  • Men’s Academy for the Future of Women (Year 1 men)
  • Advanced Men’s Academy for the Future of Women (Year 2 men)
  • WAFW in Action (Year 3 women and men)

Being a WAFW Member

Students may apply to become member of the World Academy for the Future of Women in their freshmen, sophomore, junior or senior year. All students begin as First Year Academy members and progress through the program based on their performance and commitment to improve their leadership abilities and perform in leadership roles on campus, in their community, their country, or in the world.

WAFW members are chosen through a process of application, references and interviews. Students accepted as WAFW members participate 8-10 hours each week attending seminars, project research and design labs, open forums, and coaching sessions. In addition, members become a team member in one of the WAFW Projects focused on one or more of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals-UN Sustainable Goals. Advanced members may create new projects or enlarge the scope of an existing project. No academic credit is given to WAFW members. WAFW Members pay no fees to participate in the World Academy for the Future of Women.

The WAFW curriculum is delivered in eight (8) modules. Each module is four (4) weeks long, delivered by a member of the WAFW Facilitator Body. The WAFW Facilitator conducts the seminars, labs, coaching, forums and the management and expansion of Academy projects.

WAFW members receive a “Passport to Global Leadership” at the completion of each year designating the curriculum outcomes and Academy Facilitators who led their modules.

WAFW Member Oath

As a member of the World Academy for the Future of Women

As a member of the Men’s Academy for the Future of Women

I am committed to the advancement and acceleration of women’s leadership worldwide

I am empowered through the discovery of my passion, my purpose and my path to success

I will be courageous and will act with honesty and integrity

I will go beyond my personal and geographic boundaries

I will be generous with my time and resources

I will honor and respect the rights and dignity of all people

I will widen my vision for what is possible and strengthen my capacity to lead

I will live a meaningful and fully expressed life

As a global citizen, I will take responsibility for my action and will live my life in harmony with the planet

I make this oath freely and I give my word to keep it