A Bold and Rigorous Leadership Training Program

The World Academy for the Future of Women is committed to acquiring skills and confidence to develop as campus, community, national, or global leaders. The purpose  of the Academy is to promote and accelerate the advancement of women worldwide. The mission is to engage women in discovering their purpose and passion in life and to inspire, inform, and instruct them in finding their path to success.

The Academy was formed to promote and accelerate the advancement of women worldwide, training women University students to address the UN Development Goals in emerging nations.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

A lack of access to education and economic resources has kept women from advancing and has contributed to the lack of leadership in communities, business and government. Education is the cornerstone for problem solving and awareness for alternative ways to see and interface with one’s local and global community. Tradition in the treatment of women has impacted the way young women see themselves and, as a result, a disproportionate representation of women exists in leadership positions worldwide.

How will the Academy solve this problem?

The Academy Leadership Training focuses on assisting and empowering women to identify their passion and purpose; acquiring the skills to call forth the full expression of human possibility through collaborative and inclusive partnerships.

Potential Long Term Impact

By educating and training young women on the possibilities of strong leadership we can awaken a passion for service and contribution to the world around them. With the imperative tools and resources at their fingertips, change is imminent.