Year 2013-2014 Facilitators

Table below presents Individuals by Modules

Module Name Topic
Module 1 Jacqueline Freeman “Creating Possibilities
Kristine Quade “Advanced Academy:Building a Personal Leadership Approach
Module 2 Joyce Brinton “Embracing Purpose and Passion
Dwight Duckins “Men’s Academy: Leadership
Module 3 Rachel Vidmar
Cathy Adams
Kathy R. Alexander
Renee Bovee
Michelle Brown
Angelique Chappelle
Module 4 Steven Sumner Safe Dating
Module 6 Joni Samples Project Growth and Enhancement
Carol Dickson “Project Implementation
Manule Guillot Global Leadership
Module 7 Catherine Jennings Powerful Presentations: Connect, Communicate,and Inspire
Ann Schubert Preparing Powerful Presentations
Steven Sumner Critical Thinking
Module 8 Elizabeth Ursic Legacy of Leadership
Kyna Rosen Healthy Leaders are Powerful Leaders
Brett Henderson Global Leadership in the21st Century