Facilitator Introduction & Orientation Online Application

Our next session will be held in Phoenix, AZ,  October 25 to 27, 2019.  Cost: $95 (includes meals and training materials).  To process payment, please click on paypal.me/WAFW

Please click here to fill and submit the online application.

Statement of Understanding

I UNDERSTAND THAT the facilitator agreement enables me to be a member of the World Academy for The Future of Women Facilitator Body and to participate in WAFW to implement, design and initiate programs that will accelerate women’s leadership worldwide.  The Introduction and Orientation to WAFW will be held in Phoenix, AZ, on OCTOBER 25-27, 2019 to build a foundation of understanding the purpose, history, and expansion of this work.  Upon completion of the Introduction and Orientation participants may choose to become a Facilitator and deliver one of the four-week modules at a WAFW site to women or men, become a mentor, support the expansion of WAFW throughout the world, work on the design, evaluation, marketing or other possibilities that become clear in process of knowing the WAFW work. I understand that Facilitators serve as volunteers their first-year and are responsible for all travel expenses and incidentals, and that lodging and meals will be provided by the host university/facility during my 5-week stay as a WAFW Facilitator.