Be a Facilitator

Do you have passion for global equality? Is part of your personal mission to save the world? Are you a social justice leader? Are you so busy sometimes you wonder why you say yes but you continue to say yes? HAVE I GOT AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!

The World Academy for the Future of Women is a bold and daring leadership program that began on the Sias International University Campus (Xinzheng, China) in 2009 to engage and promote university women in discovering their possibility as a leader. WAFW is entering its fifth year of operation. Over 400 young women and thirty young men have completed the WAFW leadership program in those five years. From over 25,000 students WAFW has selected these young leaders to become participants in the Academy. Upon acceptance they commit to spending 8-10 hours per week in this year long program to discover their purpose, passion, and path to being a powerful leader. They attend weekly interactive seminars, computer labs, open forums, and coaching sessions. They participate in teams that design and implement projects to address one of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UN-MDG). WAFW course work is comprised of 8 four-week training modules. Each module is facilitated by a person who has achieved success and recognition as a leader in corporate, community, education, business, government or an entrepreneurial setting. SO, here’s where you come in…

Facilitators are the backbone of our non-profit work at the WAFW. They volunteer four weeks of their time to teach the modules on worldwide university campuses. They pay their own airfare to get there. They rarely speak the language or are very familiar with the food or the culture. Yet they consistently return home with the same comment –

“Facilitating to the WAFW has totally changed my life!”

Geshe-Michaels Delegation

 Geshe-Michaels Delegation