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The WAFW Alumni in Action was established in November, 2014. It is open to both women and men who have completed at least one year in WAFW. Alumni are bound together by the experiences shared as Academy members, and use this association to maintain and expand their commitment to leadership and the impact they will have as they express their purpose and passion through their work, careers and relationships.

“WAFW Alumni in Action” currently has 1100 members.


To empower a life-long relationship among Academy members who have completed their WAFW work and are passionate and committed to accelerating the leadership of women worldwide.


To create a dynamic network of WAFW Alumni who:

  • promote and contribute to the World Academy for the Future of Women movement worldwide
  • support one another in the spirit of leadership in advancing their professional and personal growth
  • be their word and fully expressed with generosity and gratitude
  • widen their vision for what is possible for themselves and others on their path to successful leadership