The World Academy for the Future of Women grew from a need expressed by women students for a transformational  leadership experience that would enable them to make a difference in the lives of others.

Women and men are selected for the World Academy based on a commitment to advancing women in leadership roles at a time that offers so many possibilities, yet still presents so many obstacles.

Most of our World Academy members come from poor rural communities and are often the first in their families to get a college education.

World Academy members who receive certification are:

  • Going back into their communities to institute vital projects in the areas of health, education economics, social justice, and the environment.  They are making a difference in their communities, countries and beyond.
  • Graduating at the top of their class and attending graduate schools where they will expand their horizons and realize their dreams.
  • Giving back to the World Academy with both their time and financial

OUR VISION is an international network of dynamic professionals who partner with others to enrich and enhance their work–as individuals and as teams–to improve the systems and the clients they serve.

OUR MISSION is to accelerate the exchange of best practices, technologies, and research through conversations, discussions, and demonstrations that bring understanding, mutual respect, and benefit through this interactive process.

OUR HISTORY began in 1985 when Global Interactions and our planning partners from countries around the world began collaborating to tailor study programs, symposiums, forums, and conferences for international counterparts. Over the years, more than 90 groups from the United States have traveled and met with their professional colleagues from the People’s Republic of China, India, Kenya, Japan, Mexico, and South Africa, with participants from more than 37 countries. Sharing best practices, technologies, and research, along with visiting institutions and job sites to see work in progress, has built understanding and opened new possibilities for cooperation.

These experiences have deepened understandings around socio-economic, geopolitical, ethnic, and cultural issues, while placing the professional knowledge in the context of education. The more we work together, the more meaningful our work becomes. The more we learn from one another, the greater the possibilities are for sustainable relationships and powerful partnerships that will create a world we will be proud to pass on to future generations.

U.S. participants have worked in collaboration with host countries conducting intensive summer training sessions, side-by-side teaching demonstrations, joint diagnostic and surgical procedures, paired presentations, and youth programs. Results have included collaborative research, co-authored publications, institution and faculty exchanges, and sustained collegial and personal relationships.